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Tansydust -- Oc Ref Wip by Dancingstones Tansydust -- Oc Ref Wip :icondancingstones:Dancingstones 5 0
About Me Meme
 Name: Bambi
- Single or taken: Single and ready to fuckin' mingle
- Sex: Female
- Birthday: March 7
- Sign: Picese
- Hair color: Dirty Blond
- Eye color: They change ;0
- Height: 5'4' (?)
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Bi, but Pan for just a few people
- What kind of shampoo do you use?: Aussie
- What are you listening to right now?: Marching Band Arrangments
- Who is the last person that called you?: My Flute Booooooi
- How many buddies are online right now?: Idk...
- Animal: DEEEEER
- Colour: Blue
- Drink: Root Beer
- Element: Earth
- Food: Hamburgers
- Game: Super Mario World (1990)
- Movie: Either Twister, Gremlins OR The Nightmare B
:iconlil-d33r:Lil-D33r 1 4
More of my ugly ass self by LittleDoggyGirl
Mature content
More of my ugly ass self :iconlittledoggygirl:LittleDoggyGirl 8 20
Ode to Guilt
Oh, Guilt,
You are a blessing and a curse,
though I can’t tell which is truly worse.
You arrive at the worst of times,
turning my mind to those self-hate crimes.
You induce a state of humility
and erase all trace of tranquility.
Oh, Guilt,
with you my heart is in turmoil,
and I can feel stomach begin to boil.
I wonder if the acid hurts those butterflies,
making them rush past my throat and straight for my eyes.
With you my vision is a kaleidoscope,
diluting and distorting my last image of hope.
My eyelids must be their fluttering wings,
blinking away the salted water that stings.
Oh, Guilt,
how quickly you mute these liar’s lungs,
how thoroughly you can tie that noose around my tongue.
I choke on the thought of speaking again,
yet I lack the motivation to confess with a poison pen.
Each time you reclaim control,
each time I let remorse take its toll,
I fear the durability of the strength I lack.
What if next time I’m not coming back?
But Guilt, oh Guilt,
what would I
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 2 0
Do you ever find yourself lost,
adrift within a desperate delusion?
A place where reality feels star-crossed
and logic is just a senseless illusion?
Is there some small part of you entranced
by that sea of blissful ignorance?
Maybe it’s the way your emotions danced
making you believe it’s something of importance.
What does it look like to you?
Is it a colourful paradise,
painted in grass, frosted by dew?
Is it a land as monotone as ice,
empty of all but empathy?
Or will any place suffice,
as long as you feel free?
Do you have a way to get in?
Someone or something to serve as your guide?
Are they the same as they’ve always been,
the one that always stood at your side?
How often do they take you to that place in mind?
Can you come and go at your own free will,
or is it excessively hard to find,
where you search far and wide yet can’t reach it still?
Did you catch nothing but a quick glance,
or have you submerged yourself fully,
letting that toxic holy water cast y
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 4 3
Your heart’s racing faster
than your body should ever allow.
Those scars are spelling out disaster,
but it’s too late to go back now.
How long since I got you started?
Five minutes, twenty, an hour?
Far too long to live broken-hearted,
far too long to lose your willpower.
Focus on the euphoric pain,
let the burning in your thighs
fill that vanta void in your brain.
I know you’re used to the highs,
but I promise, if you just forget
all the limits you’ve established,
you’ll never have to regret
how you never counted those tablets.
Don’t doubt the decision you’ve made;
remember just three days before,
when your heart was mislaid;
when he didn’t love you anymore.
Don’t lose sight of what is real;
remember just three months ago,
when you thought you forgot how to feel,
when your mind reached that all time low.
Emotions are gold-coated chains,
shackling us to a world encased in flame.
Pain here is all that truly remains,
agony laced with
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 4 0
I’ve always had a problem with addictions,
from unnatural highs to the worst afflictions.
Nothing ever helped quite as much as lying,
but those were lies you never seemed to be buying.
You’ve got the first half of the story right,
but I think by now I’ve turned that bark into a bite.
I was just trying to give my mind the upper hand,
but I think I’ve taken this a step further than I planned.
From day one you’ve been my painkiller,
but now you’re convinced you can be my cure.
I want this all to be over with, but I’m conflicted.
How can you fix this if I’m addicted to being addicted?
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 7 0
Just Once
I think there’s one thing I understand,
that “I” don’t truly exist anymore.
This isn’t really what I had planned,
but I stretched this lie until it’s seams tore.
I thought I finally found a way to feel right.
I let their emotions control mine;
I gave up my own will to fight,
now they’re all that matters in my mind.
I can’t change again, not like I’ve done before.
One more lie, I’ll be far too deep to come back.
I want someone to pick me up when I hit the floor;
I want you to pull me away and help me backtrack.
It’s always been hard for me to ask for comfort,
but I don’t want to see what I’ll become without you.
I know it would take time and effort,
but for once I need your help to make me new.
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 5 0
What does it take to be ‘real’?
I’ve been hiding behind all these fake personalities,
and by now I’ve forgotten how that feels;
I’ve lost myself in a list of mental casualties.
Who am I really, behind all these false faces?
I’ve tried prying them off one by one,
but every I tell myself I’ve found my true place,
I’m only making it harder to turn and run.
They’ve helped me out, though.
They’ve helped me realise who I’m meant to be.
Maybe I’d be better off if I didn’t know;
after all, who wouldn’t hate someone like me?
I’m a liar;
that’s what I’ve always been.
I’m not someone they should admire,
my whole personality is based on a sin.
I can’t even listen to a word I say.
It’s as if my heart and mind are constantly at war,
but the universe won’t let either get their way.
I don’t know which I can trust anymore.
I’ve lied to myself too many times,
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 4 0
False Thoughts
Would I even know if your breathing stopped?
Is our connection really that strong?
Is that why my heart just dropped?
No, that can’t be right. I’ve got this all wrong.
Would I be able to tell if your skin went cold?
Is that the numbness in my hands, or just poor circulation?
At least I would know if I had your’s here to hold.
Tell me you’re okay so I can calm this agitation.
Would I somehow notice the absence of your heartbeat?
Is that this sinking feeling in my stomach?
No, no, it’s too early for my mind to retreat;
I’m sure you’re fine, this is just my mind playing a trick.
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 3 4
Do You Believe in Me?
They kept telling you I’m not real.
I’m just a break in your dream’s seal.
I’m not the product of a hallucinogenic,
but they could call you a schizophrenic.
Too late, you’ve made the realisation,
I’m not a figment of your imagination.
I’ve already taken control of your mind;
she was the contract that you signed.
I’ve weaved my way into your heart.
Now I’m waiting to tear you apart.
You think she’s going to save you?
I think your logic is a bit askew.
She’s just a mindless puppet.
She’ll do whatever I see fit.
Is that really hard to believe?
Fine then, watch her leave.
You can’t trust what it has said.
It’s trying to mess with your head.
Nothing it said was true.
I would do anything for you.
If you can just wait a little while,
I’ll prove the world isn’t so vile.
I’ll right each and every wrong.
I’ll show you we still belong.
Look at me in th
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 3 0
We'll Last
I don’t think they understand
just what I would give
to hold your hand.
I think I might just need that to live.
You’re everything to me,
but that’s something they’ll never see.
This isn’t some stupid teenage crush,
we weren’t the product of some overnight rush.
But I guess that’s what any teen would say,
and of course, there’s no way
the two of us could be any different.
Teenager’s minds are bent.
We have the incapability
of making the right decision.
The two of us lasting is an impossibility;
we’re just a random chance collision.
I guess that’s what they want us to believe,
but now I’m dedicated to proving them wrong.
I’ll show them we can last long after they leave.
I know we’ll make it that far along.
But for now we just have to wait,
eventually they’ll come to learn
we are a product of fate,
and what’s between us will always burn.
I’m done with this suppression,
we’re our own
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 2 0
When the sun sets,
a center of intensity
bleeds turmoil into the tranquil sky.
When the sun sets,
a silent war wages
in the space behind my eyes
and in the space between
that star and the atmosphere.
When the sun sets,
emotions meld together.
Bonds are built and
bonds are broken
depending on the way
those lights reflect off our skin.
When the sun sets,
Earth forces shut
those curtains of night,
blocking out the light
and bringing peace to my mind.
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 3 2
(If) When You Leave
I’d like to think
that neither of us are on the brink of self-destruction,
that the two of us are completely in sync,
that neither of us have yet fallen victim to this world’s clever seduction.
I’d like to trust
that we are exactly what we discussed,
the product of stardust rather than lust.
I’d like to believe
that nothing I could say would make you leave,
that none of the things I’ve done would make you turn and  run.
I want you to know
that I’ve taken my time to grow.
I’ve changed,
rearranged my heart and mind,
taken apart the monster I designed.
I hope you somehow
see me for who I am now,
rather than the demon by whom I was defined.
And when this has all come to an end,
remember me as a friend,
rather than a broken bind
that you were forced to mend.
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 2 0
A Lamb to the Slaughter
I remember when we first met;
I was nothing but a wolf wearing an empty threat.
I strained my vocal cords to bark,
but I would never bare my teeth to bite.
You were a lamb wrapped in bleached-white innocence.
I never understood why you stood by me, despite our difference.
You kept me tethered to what we thought was reality,
but I only dragged you down with me,
so you could never be free.
You took the monster that I was,
tied my paws and dulled my claws.
In return for making me new,
I swore I would protect you.
I thought I could hold my promises true,
but there were things about you I never knew.
See, you were born cursed with something that can’t be reversed.
You were destined to be the lamb to the slaughter,
so you’ve spent your whole life treading thick water.
You lived in peace as long as you could,
just as I’d hoped you would,
but by age thirteen,
you couldn’t handle all the things you’d seen.
You’d been traumatized by all the things you’d
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 1 7
Ode to Sleep
Oh, sleep,
How sweet are you,
with your tender embrace that calms my nerves,
your strong arms that grip me tight and drag me deep into the abyss,
away from the raging fire that consumes my waking days.
I know you've created for me another world,
another escape.
Oh, sleep,
I look forward to these stories you tell me,
the tales of adventure, happiness, love,
fables you wrote to pry my thoughts away from the real world.
Sometimes, though, I feel you wrote them to frighten me,
to punish me for the wrongs I have committed.
But I´ve come to love the sense of fear you give me.
It takes the edge off of my real fears.
Oh, sleep,
You are my relief, my drug.
I´m addicted to the things you do to me.
I'm obsessed with the spell you put on me.
But sleep, oh sleep,
Why do you always leave me?
Why can't you stay with me forever?
Is it that you tire of holding me,
or is it that you fear what the sun will do to you?
Whenever she casts her rays of light into my room,
You flee into the shadows.
:iconpreciouspengu:preciouspengu 2 5




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Name: Trae

- Single or taken: single

- Sex: nb/male

- Birthday: oct 30

- Sign: scorpio

- Hair color: brownish blond ig

- Eye color: blueish greenish

- Height: 5'2

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: pan, but complicated


- What kind of shampoo do you use?: idk?

- What are you listening to right now?: nervous-blackbear

- Who is the last person that called you?: mom

- How many buddies are online right now?: like three


- Animal: shiba inu atm (changes)

- Colour: pale pink/gray

- Drink: monster

- Element: fire

- Food: vanilla icecream or hot pockets

- Game: animal jam

- Movie: juno

- Song: (too many omg) today it's kids with guns-gorillaz

- Subjects in school: art, history, lunch if that counts

- T.V.: stranger things, riverdale, bates motel, and supernatural

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

- Given anyone a bath?: my dog?

- Smoked?: cough

- Bungee jumped?: NO

- Made yourself throw up?: can't

- Skinny dipped?: no

- Ever been in love?: pf

- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: no

- Pictured your crush naked?: p f

- Actually seen your crush naked? not rlly

- Cried when someone died?: mhm

- Lied: o yea

- Fallen for your best friend?: no

- Used someone?: probably

- Done something you regret?: haha yeah alot


- Clothes: fav sweatshirt and big jeans

- Desktop picture: weezer album cover

- CD in player: the cure

- DVD in player: idk

L A S T | P E R S O N

- You touched: prob mom or bro

- Hugged: ashley at school

- You kissed: eh while ago

- You IMed: katherine

- Talk to online: katherine

- You sexed it up with: no one

A R E | Y O U

- Understanding?: i try to be

- Open-minded?: yes

- Arrogant?: prob

- Insecure?: bout some things

- Random?: kinda

- Hungry?: rn no

- Smart?: lol no im dumb as shit

- Moody?: ver

- Organized?: no

- Shy?: depends

- Difficult?: ya

- Bored easily?: idk

- Entertained easily?: yes

- Obsessed?: dependssss

- Lazy?: very

- Angry?: rare

- Happy?:  ye

- Hyper?: eh

- Trusting?: too much

- In the morning: want to go back to sleep

- Love is: too hard

- I dream about: things i cant have

- What do you notice first in the sex you're into: hair


- Makes you laugh the most: amy

- Makes you smile: katherine

-Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: um
D O | Y O U | E V E R

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: no

- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: (is trans male)

- Wish you were younger?: ye

- Cry because someone said something to you?: lot


- Of times I have had my heart broken?: ahm

- Of Cd's: bins full of

- Of scars on my body: few

- Of bones I've broken: none



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

~if i find a way, would you walk it with me?~


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